Comfort or luxury?


Soo peeps!..what you’ll prefer..? comfort or luxury?

Let me tell u something…in this long term vacation i attended a short term online fashion designing course… during those 4 day’s I learnt alot!.. designing is not only about sketching fashion or being good at fashion

Designing is a challenge to balance comfort and luxury ..the practical with the desirable.

We took a plunge to design sm outfit’s to fit under this statement..let us know ur views!

Much love ☀️

Purple flares 💜

Hello there!

I’m back after couple of days..ahh! There are so many fashion blogs this is like a new blog pops up every second and most of the times…… it’s a Fashion blog. It’s a good thing though!

As a blogger,i know how hard it is to come up with a new blog post ideas each day! Even,I aim to write a blog each day..ik I’m late this time..but I’m here with a purple gown 👇

Much love 💜

Saree on fleek✨

Hellooo guys!

My last upload was about (Indian)ethnic’s… Ethnic relations in India have been complex… Indian ethnicity is diversed with regions..

Saree 💗

A principal garment in Indian traditions…and as I’ve mentioned in my previous blog .. embroideries are Indian trademark as well as a golden work!

Although.. Indian sarees are in varied forms..cotton..shiffon.. Georgette… more….! we hd took a plunge to design a kanjivaram silk saree..and here it is!

Stay tuned!

Much love ❤️

Ethnic’s ❤️

Heyy lovelies!…

So?..back to fashion!?…what exactly fashion is?…only clothes?.. fashion is art of applying design.. aesthetics and natural beauty to clothing 😻

An illustrator begins with an idea of how outfit’s should look…turns that idea into design and specifies how that design should be made!

Fashion tradition is originated since 1826…and today we’re talking about Indian fashion..although it dates back to ancient times.. fashion is a new industry in India. A famous Indian fashion trademark is embroidery.

Today we’re gonna share an Indian ethnic wear in magenta red 🥀

Let us know ur views and suggestions in the comment section!

Proud Indian illustrator💮

Fashion experiment’s 😌✂️❤️


I hope everyone is doing okayy!

Soo!….peeps…look wht I’m up wid

These peices were quite a experiment. It took me a day to get that right! The concept was illustration in a different way ✨

I used colours for the hand drawn figures…and old unused clothes for the tropic n layered lehenga’s..

Ahh.. I’m really happy how the outfit’s turned out.. I wish u could see them in person 💭😌

Will b back soon..Much love ❤️

Tidy formals😴

Hi there!

Today…I spent most of the time tidying up my room… because I found it damn difficult to be creative in such a mess. You could say it was an excuse coz in truth.. I wasn’t feeling particularly creative 😶

You might also give me a side-eye……. because let’s get real ! Have creatives ever known for thier tidiness😌?

Anyways 💤. I finally managed to design a peice.

Yahh.. it’s a formal outfit…bt not fr office surely… right nw..home is our safezone!

Stay home! Stay safe!

Her Palazzo 💭

Hey guys!

Hope everyone is doing okay!

So..Today I’m gonna share with y’ll a small incident or cn say event which took place..obviously (Before Corona)!

Once in a crowded Mumbai local..a palazzo drew my was a simple layered palazzo..still catchy!

I looked for d similar piece all over d to no avail!

Fashion and style has always been my naturally…❗I had Fashion Designer dream..along the way i discovered i didn’t had what i needed to succeed….. Loving fashion and creating fashion are two different things…

Soo today we’re here with this amazing peice

Simple yet significant 💜❤️

Much love..see ya ❗

Mermaid got no chill!!!

Hey folks!

We’re up wid a fascinating piece of design..nw.. y’ll wld be thinkin’ about the mermaid from our heading!..not surprising tho!… Soo.. today I’m here to share a mermaid outfit design.. which’ll grab ur attention 💜

As you’ll knw.. mermaid chose imagination over fear..and so are called DC era 💦

Need ur support!💓

P@ssion for f@shion❤️⏺️

Happy monsoon peeps!

We 2 are workin’ in collab…however we’re self taught illustrators can say we’re just learning from our mistakes..jokes apart 💢 soo.. we’re here with some creative stuff abt fashion💌

I’ve been playing around with this idea of blogging fr quite a while now..inspired (haunted) in a DC(During Corona) era 💤

I’m gonna tell you’ll a Secret…nope! Not the one Rhonda Byrne revealed… Secret of Style. Secret of Style is to feel good in what u wear..ndd we’re coming up wid some new styles n designes which’ll surely make ur day and can fit in ur #ootd columns!!👗. Stay tuned!

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